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DTF Pressing Instructions (Direct to Film)

DTF transfers can be applied to ANY color or ANY material. Designs are printed on a special film and then can be transferred to your item of choice. 

Suggested Pressing Info

  • Temperature: 300 - 315F
  • Time: 10- 15 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium/Heavy

Pressing Instructions

  • Pre-press the fabric for 10 seconds to remove the moisture.
  • Place the DTF Transfer on the fabric then use a Teflon sheet on top and press for 15 seconds.
  • Remove the fabric from the heat press and wait for the DTF Transfer to cool down and peel. COOL PEEL
  • Place the fabric back onto the heat-press, use a Teflon sheet on top, and press for 7 -10 seconds.
  • Done!

These instructions may vary depending on the material you are pressing. Always do a test first. Adjust as needed.

100% Polyesters 300F for 10 seconds.

100% Thick Cotton 315 for 20 seconds.


Sublimation Pressing Instructions

These times & temperatures are a good place to start, but you may have to adjust due to different heat presses and product quality. Sublimation DOES NOT print White. Any White on the image will be the color of the shirt you are pressing on. Sublimation images must be pressed on at least 50% polyester materials. 100% Polyester materials work the best and have the best color quality. White or light colors work the best with sublimation. 


Suggested Pressing Info:

  • 55 - 65 seconds
  • Temperature 385 - 425° F
  • Pressure (medium)
  • Peel transfer while hot. Press with substrate facing up and transfer paper on top.

As a side note, colors may vary. Colors will look lighter on the transfer than they do after you press. 


*We are not responsible for garment mess ups. Instead, use these for more practice.